Carbon by Design

Growing  advanced materials for improved water filtration

Advanced Biofabrication

Emergy Labs has developed an advanced biofabrication process to produce sophisticated high performing materials sustainably and at scale.  Emergy's patented "biofactory" uses the biomechanics of growing organisms to efficiently tune both physical and chemical properties of the material from the onset.  This allows for customized materials for a given end user, resulting in superior performance and a better overall user experience without higher costs.

High PERFORMANCE long lasting activated carbon

The most sophisticated activated carbon in the world

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Emergy is developing a novel biofabrication process to produce higher performing and longer lasting activated carbon materials, sustainably and at scale.  Activated carbon is one of the most widely used materials in our economy, playing an important role in water and air filtration, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, and energy storage and generation; with a market value of around $5 billion in the US alone.  Activated carbon has an extremely high surface area and functions like an industrial sponge, removing unwanted contaminants from a given stream.  However, conventional manufacturing processes involve the mining or harvesting of feedstock, such as coal or coconut husks, followed by harsh and energy intensive top-down post processing.  This results in limited material performance and unsustainable environmental impact, ultimately passing down inefficiency and higher costs to the end-user. 

Emergy has developed a process to cultivate a biological feedstock in controlled environmental conditions to tune both the chemical and physical properties of the final carbon material from the onset.   This allows for scaled production, on-site and on-demand with the ability to use a variety of low cost waste-streams as feedstock.  This bottom-up bioengineered approach results in a customized material with higher efficiencies in a targeted application, reduced cost, and an improved user experience.  The technology has been demonstrated at the lab scale and is currently under pilot development at Argonne National Labs.  Emergy has invested over $1.2 million of non-diluted capital and has one year of financial runway while operating under an exclusive license from University of Colorado Boulder.

The Team


Tyler Huggins, PhD

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Dr. Tyler Huggins is an engineer, scientist, and entrepreneur. Huggins is passionate about the application of technologies to facilitate sustainable human development. He firmly believes that clean technologies can be both economically and environmentally advantageous.

A true techno-optimist Tyler envisions a future of abundance and prosperity that is lead by innovation. He believes that society will continue to adopt sustainable development practices, not only for the environmental benefits, but for the economic gains that accompanies it. However, as a pragmatist Tyler realizes the shift to a circular economy will have its challenges and take time. To aid in this transition Tyler has dedicated his career to developing innovative solutions to both environmental and economic challenges. 


Justin Whiteley, PhD

Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder

Dr. Justin Whiteley is an electrochemist and materials scientist whose specialty lies in the field of electrochemical devices, namely lithium-ion batteries and super capacitors. He is currently the chief technology officer and co-founder at Emergy, LLC, which focuses on advanced carbon material synthesis through biofabrication. He is passionate about societal improvement through energy storage and waste utilization. Prior to graduate school, Justin served as a project manager at the STARS Alliance, which relicenses nuclear reactors in the western United States. He has also spent time as a materials engineer in the nuclear industry as well as in construction management and architecture.



Willem F. Bakker

Chief Financial Officer

A seasoned executive, leader, entrepreneur, technologist and strategist. I’m an expert in public/private partnerships, start-ups, business turnarounds and growing enterprises.
After a successful career as an engineer and business leader, I had a second career in academia and not-for-profits that produced accolades from business-, institutional leaders, Governor and a US President.
I have worn many hats in my career, factory worker, technician, designer, researcher, inventor, marketer, executive and strategist. As a result, I have a unique set of talents to lead multi-disciplinary teams and tackle complex challenges for businesses and institutions.